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Tidying Up

Today I took down four yarn bombs. It is still amazing to me that all the the yarn pieces I have put up have remained in place unless I took them down myself. Today I took down the sign vine that has been up for almost a year and a half, the tree on a tree that has been up for just over a year, the morse code kent Ohio and the newest Fence 2013. The fence came down because it was meant to be very temporary. I actually attached it with twist ties instead of sewing it on with yarn. A huge thanks to my supportive husband who helped secure the ends of all the twists. The sign and the tree came down because it was time for it (or past time). The morse code might have stayed up another week or two but it had gotten fairly saggy. The main reason for it's removal was that someone took one of the dots. It probably happened yesterday at the Kent Heritage Festival when there were lots of people out there watching fireworks. The remains of the zip ties were on the ground where they cut it off.

As I always say...they are meant to be temporary. Now on to planning the next one...

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