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One Crazy Week

This has been an exhausting and interesting week that has just gotten better and better. It started last weekend when I spent a lot of time working with the group Knitting for Those in Need. We yarn bombed Scribbles Coffee to raise awareness and connect with more people. I had a lot of fun creating pieces to put up. The most fun was piecing together the tree outside. It is made from scrap panels that were either donated to the group along with yarn or pieces that were worked on as someone was learning to knit or crochet. It has a lot of oddly shaped pieces that had to be patched together to put around the tree.

The second thing that happened is that The Burr magazine came out with their April issue. They had tracked me down and interviewed me and then decided to put me on the cover as well. I was happy with the article and grateful to them for keeping my name out of it and hiding my face so that I could remain somewhat anonymous.

The third thing to happen this week delighted me even more. Someone posted a picture of the yarn bombing outside of scribbles on the Facebook group 'You Know You Are From Kent if/when...' and there were 262 comments on it with arguments raging back and forth about whether it was art, whether it was not, and whether it was damaging to the tree. I love that it got people talking and arguing.

The fourth thing is that apparently Thursday night at the Zephyr two friends had a big argument about whether the yarn covering the lamp post on the patio was art or not. The two friends got very angry - one of them ended up cutting a big chunk of the yarn off the post (he was asked to leave). The other friend was so mad he even left his info and offered to come back the next day and sew it back up. I took some photos tonight and saw that someone had used large paperclips to try and piece it back together and hold it up.

I love that the pieces have given some people something to talk about and discuss. I love the questions and the controversy. I do not love the anger but I love the passion.

This is Art?

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