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Yarn and Electronics

I had lots of fun with the pieces I put up at the Zephyr last month. The LED lights on the main lamp post were a verson of LED Throwies that I made. I took a watch battery and attached an LED light that had a resistor on it. This was wrapped in electrical tape. I bent the LED leads so that I could hot glue the battery to the back of the crochet piece and have the light come out at a 90 degree angle out the front of the crochet in the middle of each of the dots on it. The lights should stay lit for at least a few weeks.

Even without the LED lights though this is my favorite piece so far. I was really pleased with the design and the color and happy to say that it looks like I had pictured it in my head.

I just need to learn some more electronics now if I want to top that one!

Today I put up the bick rack at Kent Cycle. This time I played with some of the new reflective yarn. It has a reflective string or fiber that runs through the yarn. It is only in the orange part and it will depend on whether lights hit it or not for it to reflect. I am planning on making a few more verticle spokes out of the orange and adding it next week.

On to planning the next one!

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